Volume Discount and Design Manufacturing

Volume Discounting and Design Manufacturing

Here at Wholesalekings.com we are committed to help you maximize your profit, they way every business should be. Our number one priority in business is to help our customer make money. We believe one time business is not real business. 90% of our company’s revenue every year comes from existing customers. That’s why we always prioritize customers needs in front of everything else. We make sure they return. Happy customers are the backbone of our business. Happy wife, Happy Family, Happy Customers, Happy Business!

Volume and Return Customer Discount, and Design Manufacturing Services

We offer volume discounting to high volume customers.

  1. 8% discount for $1000 to $1999  (discount code: 8%_discount)
  2. 10% discount for $2000-$5000 (discount code: 10%_discount)
  3. 15% discount for $5000 or more.(discount code: 15%_discount)

We also welcome made to order pieces. If you have a design you want to manufacture, please feel free and do not hesitate to contact us. We are every efficient in providing what the customer wants due to our experience and knowledge.

Please send the following and we will give you a quotation within 1 business day.

  1. Photo
  2. Type of stone (if any, just describe it as best of your knowledge)
  3. Weight of the whole piece or by metal weight
  4. Measurements (Length, width and height)
  5. Forward the Url if you have it online.
  6. Type of metal

We also have our own catalog of designs that can be made in sterling silver, 10kt and 14kt gold. Please email us sales@wholesalekings.com