Wholesale Silver Jewelry

Creating silver jewelry is a process that takes skill, art, and the right materials. When you order wholesale silver jewelry, you can choose from molds that have already been designed or you can have a mold made for the design that you have created. There is a process to making silver jewelry that makes it more expensive than making jewelry from other materials. When you are thinking of purchasing wholesale silver jewelry it is important that you know the process, so that you can understand the price of the jewelry and the reason to buy higher quantities of silver jewelry.

Five Main Steps

The first step in making silver jewelry is to saw off a piece of silver-plating with a special thin bladed saw. Once the desired amount has been cut off, it is filed down with a variety files that come in a range of grades. The files are used to shape and smooth the edges of the silver.

Next the piece of silver is laid on a surface that it will act as a guide for the shape of the piece. The silversmith then uses a plastic or rawhide mallet to pound the silver into shape. A tricky part of this procedure is when the silver is made into a ring or bracelet and so must be pounded around a circular rod, called a mandrel, to create the right shape and diameter. Otherwise, the silver might be pounded into shape on a mould or a dapping block that has been designated to create the specific shape of the piece. Different hammers made of different materials and with different indentations on the bottom will change and enhance the look of silver. It is up to the silversmith to choose the appropriate hammer.

Then, the silversmith employs a soldering torch to heat the silver and bind it into the desired shape. Melting the outside of the silver will also smooth the exterior and start to give the silver a shiny finish. It takes great skill to work with a soldering torch because the silversmith must be aware of the temperature level of the torch and the distance between the torch and the silver, so as not to overheat or ruin the medal.

The last step of the process is actually a multi-step procedure that is modified depending on the jewelry shape and the silver, itself. The silver is allowed to cool in a pickle solution that cleans off some of the residue from the torch. After, the silversmith files the silver again to smooth out and parts that stick out. Final texturing and detailing is added before the silversmith uses a buffing wheel to shine and soften the sliver, so that it is presentable.

Having A Mould Made

Because creating silver is such an involved process, most manufacturers of bulk of silver jewelry have moulds created that can reused over and over again to create the same piece of jewelry. The moulds are used in the hammering and melting stages of the process, which takes some of the skill out of the silversmith’s job when creating so many pieces. Having a mould also increases the number of pieces that a silversmith can create in a hour, making each piece less expensive for you. And though some of the work can be done by machine, there is a necessary human element that makes wholesale silver jewelry pricey.

The Cost of Wholesale Silver Jewelry

If you are interested in having your own silver designs created, the cost of manufacturing them in bulk is more expensive the first time around because a mould must be made to suit your design. Because of this caveat some buyers just purchase straight from the catalogue to avoid the increased price and risk of making something that people will not buy. However, having original moulds made increases the uniqueness of a piece of jewelry and allows more growth with the silver jewelry market. The higher cost of custom jewelry only occurs the first time in order to cover the cost of the mould, so that the manufacturer is not left to pay for those materials, should you not return to buy more product.

A fear that many people have surrounding bulk manufacturing is the decreased craftsmanship on each piece. As stated above, machines can do some of the work in the creation of the silver jewelry; however, a manufacturer that charges more per item will—though you should always ask—have silversmiths who are highly trained and who potentially do all of the work themselves. Depending on your needs, you should speak with manufacturers to insure that your pieces get the amount of craftsmanship that you believe they deserve.

Silver jewelry, like other wholesale items, can be purchased for a lower cost per item if you purchase a large amount of the same design. This phenomenon occurs because if you order more pieces then the materials that manufacturer orders will be used fully and the silversmiths will not have to reset their machines and benches as many times, thus wasting time in between creating actual pieces. So if you have a design picked out that you know you can sell, it is to your advantage to buy a large lot of them to get the best price.

The weight of the silver in each piece also adds to the cost of your items. Jewelry with more silver in it is, of course, more expensive than jewelry with less silver. Jewelry that has less silver in it, however, will not last as long when your consumer is wearing it. If you are not concerned with wear time, but are more concerned with low prices than you may not be concerned about the silver weight in the wholesale silver jewelry that you buy. But if you are selling fine silver jewelry and are interested in jewelry that your clients can wear for years to come, then you will want to speak with the silver manufacturer or wholesaler about the silver weight. This jewelry will be more expensive, but it will pay off if you have the clientele that is interested in purer silver jewelry.

Adding Gemstones

If you design your own silver jewelry to be manufactured in bulk, you will want to consider your audience before adding very expensive gemstones. Even though the gemstones will increase the beauty of your design, they may decrease interest in your expensive product. As with silver, a manufacturer can offer you wholesale prices on gemstones to go into your silver designs, though it may take longer for the pieces to be produced if the manufacturer has to order the gems you desire. Your cost for making the jewelry will go up, but if you know that your clients would like to purchase items with gemstones, then it may be worth the risk to add them to your designs.